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SCE Admits It's Equipment Sparked the Woolsey Fire

SCE Admits Its Equipment Sparked The Woolsey Fire

SCE (Southern California Edison) Tells Its Shareholders That Vcfd/Cal Fire  Investigators Have Concluded SCE Caused The Woolsey Fire

On Oct. 29, 2019, SCE made the following disclosures in its Quarterly Report: “The Redacted Woolsey Report states that the VCFD investigation team determined that electrical equipment owned and operated by SCE was the cause of the Woolsey Fire. Absent additional evidence, SCE believes that it is likely that its equipment was associated with the ignition of the Woolsey Fire….”That same day, in a conference call, SCE’s CEO made the same disclosures to investors. If you have delayed the decision to file a lawsuit against SCE until more evidence was available, then now is the time to seek just compensation for your damages. You should not have to bear the burden of SCE’s negligence. The City of Malibu, County of Los Angeles, and most major insurance companies have all filed lawsuits against SCE seeking reimbursement for their damages.


We Filed The First Woolsey Fire Lawsuit And Have Been Litigating Against SCE Since The Thomas Fire

As early as November 15, 2018, we filed the first lawsuit which correctly alleged SCE’s powerlines at the Rocketdyne property was the cause of the fire. We were confident making these allegations because we spent numerous hours interviewing witnesses and inspecting the origin area. SCE’s disclosures confirm we correctly identified its equipment as the origin of the Woolsey Fire. In addition to filing the first Woolsey Fire lawsuit against SCE, our team filed one of the first Thomas Fire cases, the first Montecito Mudslide and wrongful death case. Some of our Thomas Fire clients are expected to be selected as Plaintiffs for the first bellwether trial in April 2020.


We Represent 800 Woolsey Plaintiffs And Hold Key Leadership Positions

Hundreds of lawsuits (over 3,000 plaintiffs) have already been filed by homeowners, public entities and insurance companies against SCE for damages caused by the Woolsey Fire. All of these cases were consolidated and assigned to the Hon. William F. Highberger, Los Angeles Superior Court. As is typical in these cases, the court appoints lead counsel, and a committee to manage all pre-trial activities, including written discovery, depositions and arguing motions in court. We are proud that Alex “Trey” Robertson was appointed as co-lead counsel for all Individual Plaintiffs and two (2) members of our legal team, Robert Curtis and Joseph Liebman, were appointed to the Plaintiffs Executive Committee from candidates around the country. This means that our legal team is on the front lines battling SCE, taking depositions, collecting and reviewing evidence, working with experts, and, most importantly, getting these cases ready for trial. We have our fingers on the pulse of what is going on in this massive wildfire case.


We Have A $1.5 Billion Proven Track Record

Our legal team has collectively recovered settlements and verdicts valued in excess of $1.5 Billion against some of the largest corporations in the country. We also have over a decade of wildfire litigation experience. We now put our proven track record of success to work for you.