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About the Woolsey Fire Lawsuit

A community tragedy demands a community response.

The Woolsey Fire is personal for Robertson & Associates. Members of our firm were forced to evacuate, fought to save their homes with a fire hose (and their neighbor’s), and had many friends and relatives lose their houses. The fire burned just across the street from our Westlake Village office – it’s smoke and ash at our door. We have felt the effects of this tragedy firsthand.

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As we are holding Southern California Edison (SCE) accountable for the 2017 Thomas Fire and 2018 Montecito Debris Flow (currently representing over 500 residents), so will we hold SCE answerable for the Woolsey Fire’s destruction. We were among the first to file lawsuits against SCE (in December 2017) for the Thomas Fire, and first to file against them for the Montecito Debris Flow. Our team is actively litigating those cases, and serving in court-appointed leadership positions in those cases. 

Our team is composed of four law firms: Robertson & Associates, LLP; Foley, Bezek, Behle, Curtis, LLP; Law Offices of Joe Liebman, and Spreter & Petiprin, APC. We have unique experience in wildfire litigation, landslide, construction defect, and mass tort.

Our team is also among the most experienced wildfire lawyers in California, having represented those affected by the:

  • 2007 San Diego Wildfires (San Diego, CA)
  • 2011 Caughlin Ranch Fires (Reno, NV)
  • 2013 Pfeiffer Fire (Big Sur, CA)
  • 2015 Butte Fire (Calaveras County, CA)
  • 2016 Erskine Fire (Lake Isabella, CA)
  • 2017 North Bay Fires (Sonoma County, CA)
  • 2017 Thomas Fire (Ventura County, CA)
  • 2018 Montecito Debris Flow (Santa Barbara, CA)
  • 2018 Roadrunner Fire (Newbury Park, CA)
  • 2018 Woolsey Fire (Ventura,Los Angeles, CA)

Robertson & Associates has a proven thirty-year track record of litigating high-profile cases for homeowners. Our verdicts and settlements total more than $350 million,. (For more on our case history, visit: www.arobertsonlaw.com)

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We have represented those affected by the:

  • 2018 Montecito Debris Flow
  • 2017 Thomas Fire
  • 2017 North Bay Fires
  • 2016 Erskine Fire
  • 2015 Butte Fire
  • 2013 Pfeiffer Fire
  • 2011 Caughlin Ranch Fires
  • 2007 San Diego Wildfires

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Currently, we represent over 400 survivors of the Woolsey Fire against SoCal Edison. We’d be glad to meet with you anywhere in person. We are here to assist our community with all parts of the recovery process: whether it’s completing government aid forms, working with your insurance company, or filing a legal claim – we’re here to help you.

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